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Topic discipline
« on: February 02, 2012, 10:48:40 AM »
   I hate rules for rules sake and always try to show the reasoning behind any rules. In that vein let me stress that once a short ride has come and gone, please please place your comments in the ride report section not in the request thread. If there is none in the report section, start a topic.
   Why? Periodically I try to thin out old and redundant content. I almost never move a ride report but often move short notice postings to the "Hey! You want this? I'm gonna throw it out" section. The content will live there for 6 months before being deleted. If you believe that something in the garbage should be saved just let John San or me know. You don't need much of a reason. In the absence of any mediocre reason to the contrary I see no reason to keep multiple versions of "Who wants to do a loop of Burlington County this Sunday?" on the forum. You'll notice that any short notice ride to a unique place is saved, even if no one went the first time. I actually do have a method to my madness.
   Thanks for your cooperation.

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